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An upcoming event!

Kirsty - one of the team at HerCollective - will be hosting an event at the Academy of Urbanism on Wednesday 22nd June 2022.

The event is a Feminist Urbanism EXPO and includes talks from a series of international researches exploring interesting themes around feminist urbanism;

  • Ffion Middleton - on women's safety in public spaces

  • Kat Ennis – 20-minute neighbourhood with a focus on women's needs

  • Premdyl Shadan – on "Ethir" is an inclusive feminist urban architectural intervention

  • Alva Zalar - Theorizing Inequality - how queer theory can guide us towards a 'supportive urbanism.'

  • Cova Cervilla Bordiu – The Forgotten Pioneers: Celebrating the Women of the Garden City Movement

The event is free to attend and can be booked here. We hope to see you there!

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