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"Our safer Leith" pilot project has started!

TW: This blogpost refers to sensitive matters around the subject area of women and queer people and the built environment, including violence.

As we have mentioned in previous posts, we have been working on a research project into an investigation of the practical application of women-centred mixed-use space within historic environments. The project aims to build on our previous research into women in placemaking, and community infrastructure. It will encapsulate the opportunities and constraints on the physicality of mixed use that supports women within historic cities, with a case study in Leith.

We have been working in partnership with Commonplace to launch an online mapping platform that anonymously documents both safe and unsafe spaces within Leith and we are delighted to announce that our map is live for the next 3 months!

We encourage anyone who lives, works or has ever visited Leith to get involved and help us to identify and pinpoint any space that has potentially made you feel safe/unsafe or welcome/unwelcome. We hope to then demonstrate a safer, more inclusive area from the data we have collected over the next few months, comparing the information we gain through our Commonplace platform to possible sites including those identified in Local Development Plans and Buildings at Risk in Leith.

For more information and to get involved, please visit the website: Have Your Say Today – Our Safer Leith – Commonplace

We will be posting regular updates both on this blog and on the Latest News tab on the Commonplace website. If you have any questions or wish to find out more about the project with us directly, please drop us a message directly.

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