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Our Safer Leith update!

As many of our readers will be aware, we have been working on a pilot project Our Safer Leith for the last few months as part of a partnership with Commonplace.

The intention for this project was to act as a tester for demonstrating successful gender-inclusive mixed use development within historic environments through thorough community engagement. The first phase is the Commonplace heat mapping platform - available here - which will provide information on safe and unsafe spaces in Leith, which we are planning to then cross-reference with local authority priorities, as well as potential sites (primarily gap sites in the Edinburgh Council Local Development Plan and Buildings At Risk as identified by Historic Environment Scotland) and current spaces for communities to congregate within the local area.

As the project has reached it's second month of three, we have started thinking about sites from the information we have so far. One of the potential sites we have identified is on Duke Street just beside the historic core of Leith. It has been vacant for over 20 years, and is recognised as a Building At Risk.

The site sits in quite a prominent position with good access to public transport, cycle networks, and green space at Leith Links. However, there have been a series of rejected Planning applications over the years, and we're looking forward to considering this further in terms of the limitations of the site for a mixed use development that would better impact women and queer people in Leith.

Do you know the site? Have you been to Leith? We would love to hear form you! You can add some of your experiences onto our online platform here, or drop us a message via the Contact Us part of our website!

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