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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

TW: This blogpost refers to sensitive matters around the subject area of women and queer people and the built environment, including violence. Please note that all of our workshops will contain content warnings.

We recently got the exciting news that we would be receiving some support from the Academy of Urbanism for our project developing a workshop for critically analysing space with a gender perspective.

A backland space in Perth from our previous research.

The complicated and poorly accessible travel systems, intimidating cityscapes and inadequately lit streets or alleyways are all factors preventing women’s advancement in society. We anticipate that this project will aid in the translation between academia and common practice. The main objectives as posed to the Academy of Urbanism are;

  • Develop a workshop that encourages a consideration of gender in design.

  • Encourage current and future professionals to engage with women at all stages of the design process.

  • Support the testing and questioning of gender design application within a multi-disciplinary academic environment.

  • Promote our collective manifesto by incorporating inclusive and interactive participation, inspired by historic feminist collectives such as Matrix.

  • Develop our research and participation pedagogies through the documentation of space and interaction, encouraging workshop attendees to be critical of the space that surrounds them.

The project aims to have an audience initially of people at university, or early in their career, who we have the most experience in working with. Support from the University of Dundee was also a consideration as that was the institution we attended. However, throughout the project, we aim to adapt the workshop structure to enlist people at all stages of their career across first to third sectors.

The first test-bed workshop will be taking place at University of Dundee next week, with more information on how it went and our processes preparing for it coming soon! Our first steps are to document some areas of public space through film photography, that can then be critically analysed by workshop participants - sign up to our website now to get some sneak peaks of when they're processed!

Interested in bringing a workshop to your institution or practice that would help in the development of safe and inclusive places? Drop us a message!

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