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Unseen at Night - who's involved so far?

We are mid-way through our Open Call for the Unseen At Night exhibition in Architecture Fringe 2023 and thought now was a good time to share some information on the key players in our project so far!


HerCollective is the umbrella term for an ongoing collaboration between Kirsty Watt (she/her) and Amelia Powell (she/her) on architecture and urban planning projects that centre on gender equity and queer design.

We do a combination of design projects and workshops for artists, universities and organisations to further a general understanding within urbanism about the importance of inclusivity, and bridge the gap in current research by providing tangible solutions to the problems marginalised people face in our cities.

Unseen At Night is a project that we have initiated. We have collaborated with Femmergy on the brief, also inspired by the Architecture Fringe 2023 provocation, and we will work with designers creating pieces for the exhibition alongside our own piece.

Charlie Porter

Charlie (she/her/they) is interested in architecture, systems design, and the queering of all that sits amongst them

They are a recently qualified architect working in Edinburgh, predominantly within conservation/restoration & the management of decay

As someone with dyslexia, they learn predominately by looking/watching and talking, and see most clearly by walking.

Her practise leans heavily on (hi)story, for which they use drawing, imagery and writing as a method for capturing, recording and analysing.

She likes to


the ubiquitous bits of a place are most interesting.

perhaps as an honest indicator of how a place exists.

influenced by context and condition that offer a method for understanding something thoroughly.

Charlie will be working with us on the curation of the exhibition layout, as well as helping produce the summative publication to feature all exhibited pieces. We're super excited to have them on board!

Find Charlie and her work here.


Femmergy is an intersectional queer club night and DJ collective in Edinburgh, raising money for Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre and spotlighting queer creatives. They strive to make sure that everyone is welcome to their nights, and tackle big issues in queer culture around safety, inclusivity and accessibility.

Kirsty from HerCollective runs Femmergy alongside Annafleur (she/her) and Angharad (she/her) - you'll see them all featured on Femmergy socials and on the nights - and a lovely group of resident DJs, helpers and supporters!

Femmergy have assisted in the formation of the Open Call brief for Unseen At Night through sharing their collective experience of queer femme space, furthered by some engagement with their community. Femmergy will also be contributing some accompanying music for the exhibition and opening night!

More on Femmergy here.

Our Exhibitors

We are currently hosting an Open Call until 24th April for architecture, design and artistic pieces that respond to the brief - found here - and hope to share more about these in due course.

Interested in contributing? Drop us an email at - we'd love to hear from you!

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