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Untitled Womens Services

Completed: ongoing

Type: design 

Scope: interior re-design of existing premises.

Inclusive Design Workshop 

Completed: 2022

Type: workshop

Scope: workshop as recipients of Academy of Urbanism Young Urbanist Small Grant Scheme to create a workshop on who does and does not use local public space through the use of ad-hoc film photography. 

Our Safer Leith 

Completed: ongoing

Type: research

Scope: the investigation of perception of safety as a mechanism for providing infrastructure to communities within the test-bed of Leith.

Included a Commonplace platform and subsequent our Edinburgh Neighbourhood workshop. 

Share A Safe Space 

Completed: -

Type: design

Scope: the design of an interactive representation of perception of safety within public place, with a focus on queer people feeling seen within their local environment. 

Submitted to the London Festival of Architecture Pride competition. 

To Hang 

Completed: 2021

Type: design

Scope: adaptable intervention for women and girls to utilise within public parks as a reclamation of that space. 

Building Design Re:Design Stratford Shortlister.

Women in Placemaking 

Completed: 2021

Type: research

Scope: dissertation as part of Amelia's studies that investigated the extent of women considered within placemaking.

RTPI Scotland dissertation prize. 

Re-population of backland space for vulnerable communities 

Completed: 2020

Type: design

Scope: research and design project during Kirsty's Masters, surveying the inclusion of necessary community networks within urban frameworks through the understanding of historic fabrics. 

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