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Privacy Policy

HerCollective strive to protect you privacy and your stories. 

We currently operate on a freelance basis.

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2018, Commonplace are the controller of the personal data we collect for the purposes of our research as described in the privacy policy located here. They also process personal data that HerCollective collects whilst using their engagement platform. 

We intend to use data collected to investigate hot spots of poor perception of safety and cross correlate that with readily available information such as available sites and buildings at risk.Community engagement - and development based on that - rely on personal experience and a level of personal data being utilised. The categories of data we will receive from Commonplace and analyse will include demographic information such as gender identification (called special category data) but remain anonymous otherwise. It is not mandatory to answer these special category questions. If you choose to personally identify yourself within your comments on the mapping platform, we understand you take responsibility for that yourself, and we do not monitor comments for that information

We would like to note that on the Commonplace platform, the public can see the anonymous answering to questions around safety, but will not have access to any demographic or personal information.


This project is a pilot demonstration of the opportunities available for safe and inclusive design within historic environments, and will culminate in an exhibition and design guide based on the findings. A small portion of this will be the mapping exercise mentioned above, but there will be no public sharing of this information apart from on a map we design ourselves.

We will keep a record of the data collected for 2 years on our system. However we want to clarify that the cumulative design guide will be available both physically and online for a longer period of time.


There is the opportunity to separately sign up to updates on this project both through the Commonplace platform and through our blog on this website. This is not a requirement for sharing your experiences of Leith with us. However, if you chose to interact with us over email; on our blog posts; in person; over the phone; or on social media, we may collect data from you during that process. More information on the data collection during interactions with us can be found on the Commonplace website. 

If you have any concerns please contact us via email or through the message box below and we would happily chat about it. If your concern is in reference to Commonplace we would recommend that you contact them directly. 

Finally - thank you for sharing your stories with us, we see them and we appreciate them. Please stay safe x

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