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Nighttime Patchwork.

Celeste John-Wood. (she/they)

Cyanotype, monotype, graphite and thread on watercolour paper.


“For this piece, I invited people to contribute to an experiment mapping project entangling queer experiences of place and of night times in Edinburgh. I wanted to open a forum for queer people to share their present and past experiences of nightlife in Edinburgh, and use the anonymous submissions to counter map the city through our eyes. I hope that my piece might offer a reflection on the existing ways queer people make space in the city, and that it can sit in dialogue with other’s work in Unseen At Night which may present a vision of new structures and designs to facilitate queer and femme experiences.


I’m grateful to those who engaged in this participant - driven project, who became my collaborators in making this piece. Thank you!”


ALL PRINTS COME AS A3. Please send us an email if you require an alternative size. 


All proceeds go to artists. 

Nighttime Patchwork. (PRINT PRE-ORDER)

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